The Director, Bridget Churchill

BridgetBridget Churchill qualified as an Occupational Therapist at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, in 2000. She maintains her Occupational Therapy registration in the UK, USA and South Africa with the relevant professional boards. Bridget’s interests in business processes, staff development and business systems led to her completing her MBA at Liverpool University, UK, in 2008.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Bridget is passionate about her work and believes that life is for living to the fullest, both personally and professionally and her clients deserve to have this underpinning any and all interventions based on their personal/professional goals. Life for Living Ltd. is the culmination of this.

During her work journey the best lessons have been provided by her clients and colleagues. It is for this reason that Bridget is motivated to continue to learn and thereby offer a myriad of approaches to benefit her clients personally and professionally – every individual is unique and therefore person-centred approaches need to be collaboratively tailored to meet the individual’s needs and their own personal and professional goals. Sharing knowledge is key and collaboration ensures success.

Bridget maintains a private caseload and is the SE regional contact for the RCOT Specialist Section - Independent Practice (RCOTSSIP), supports the NHS intermittently and is a clinical educator to Spex Ltd (NZ) on their Spex seating technology range within Europe and South Africa and wider global markets. She has a love of all things related to neurological rehabilitation and posture management. She has established a “Posture Special Interest Group” to enhance collaboration, is an active member of RESNA 24-7 Posture Care Management and keen to enhance understanding and prevention to postural difficulties observed in adults. Bridget also maintains knowledge relating to physical and cognitive rehabilitation to ensure that skills are maintained to support clients all the way through their journey following injury or diagnosis.

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Please find all my professional registrations/memberships below:

  • Health Care Professions Council (HCPC), UK – OT 32782
  • Royal College of OT (RCOT), UK – BT 0230298
  • Specialist Section – Neurological Practice
  • Specialist Section – Independent Practice
  • Health Professions Council of Southern Africa (HPCSA). RSA – OT 0038768
  • Occupational Therapy Association of Southern Africa (OTASA) – OT 6799.
  • National Board for Certification of Occupational Therapists (NBCOT), USA - 273531
RCOT Member logo NBCOT OTR Certification badge